IRS Tax Relief Services


Our Law Firm Provides Complete Tax Relief Services For Individuals and Businesses Who Have Serious Tax Debt Problems

 Tax Negotiation & Settlement

They say there are two things in life Americans can count on: death and taxes. If an individual or business is behind on their...

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 Stop IRS Levies

If your situation has progressed to the point where you have receive notice of intent to levy or suspect that you may receive such a...

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 Reduce IRS Tax Debt

If you find yourself in the position of owing the IRS money, you have likely paid attention to the many commercials on television for law firms who...

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 Remove IRS Liens

Pearson Butler has helped hundreds hardworking taxpayers resolve their IRS problems an remove all IRS liens from their property...

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 Resolve Business Tax Debt

Most businesses do not find themselves in financial trouble because of bad products or services. After the famed initial...

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 End Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment also called a wage levy, is one of the worst collection methods available to the IRS. Simply put it is when the IRS has a predetermined...

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 Payroll Tax Negotiation

If you find yourself the target of the trust fund recovery penalty it is essential that you understand how the IRS views such situations...

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 Remove Penalities & Interest

Anyone who has ever owed money to the IRS can confirm it's a difficult type of debt to pay-off in full. This is due to the fact...

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Tax Relief Is Obtainable

If you owe more tax debt than you can pay off, and the IRS has been taking aggressive actions to collect the money from you it can feel like a hopeless situation. The IRS is the most powerful collections agency in the U.S. And they can make life extremely stressful and difficult for those unable to pay back a large debt.

However there is hope. At Pearson Butler we believe any tax debt problem can be resolved and we have a track record of more than 15 years of successful problem resolutions to prove it. Contact us today and take the first step to gaining tax relief.

Offer In Compromise

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” is a quote from Benjamin Franklin that still rings true today. It can seem like taxes are a part of almost everything we do nowadays, and for some people, that can mean trouble. Owing the IRS tax debt can take some people months or even years to pay off entirely, which can be very frustrating for someone who’s struggling just to make minimal payouts. It can get to a point where it seems utterly hopeless. Fortunately, the IRS can be reasonable in circumstances where it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to pay it off completely by offering a service called Offer in Compromise or OIC.

You may have seen offers for OICs advertised on television commercials (they’re the ones that talk about how you’ll only have to “pay pennies on the dollar”). These commercials don’t have a lot of time to fully explain this complicated process, so anyone who’s interested in reducing the amount of taxes they have to pay will most likely have a lot of questions. Let’s take a look at a few common ones.

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Work With An Experienced Tax Attorney


  • Our entire family would like to thank you for you diligence, expertise and willingness to help when it had become impossible for us to find justice in a very complicated judicial system.

    Tax Debt Problem Resolved

  • Mr. Gilland came up with a better resolution than the one we were seeking.

    IRS Problem Resolved

  • I am very pleased with Jim’s work. He kept me well informed and took the time to help me understand why he recommended various actions. Jim has been totally honest with me.

    Tax Debt Problem Resolved

  • I wanted to take a minute and thank you for the fine work you did for my wife and I regarding our situation with IRS. There have been times in the past couple of years that this situation seemed completely overwhelming and without resolution, but accepting your services took a great deal of that worry out of our personal equation. For that alone I am most grateful! It’s an interesting experience dealing with the Service as there seems generally to be no rhyme or reason to their logic and decisions....

    Business Tax Problem Resolved

  • First of all I want you to know that I put Mr.Gilland just to be proper, but we really think of you as Jim, our friend. Words cannot express the feeling of utter relief that we felt upon receiving your phone call the other day. This is a day that we have hoped and prayed for, for many years!! For the first time in a long time we were able to go to sleep at night without a lingering feeling of doom and despair over how to get out of...

    IRS Problems Resolved

You Do Not Have To Face The IRS Alone


IRS tax laws are complicated and wrong moves can have serious consequences. Please don't go it alone when facing tax debt and aggressive IRS collections agents. IRS Law Pros can stop the harassing phone calls, and negotiate with the IRS in your behalf. Unlike other tax resolution firms, IRS Law Pros tax attorneys are authorized to represent clients in U.S. Tax Court. The IRS is one of the most powerful agencies in the U.S. Government, but they still must obey the law.

IRS Law Pros can stop the harassment and bring you some much needed peace of mind!

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Tax Relief For Individuals

As a practicing law tax relief law firm of more than 15 years, we have seen the devastating effects that can result from serious tax debt problems for individuals and families.

We understand the importance of making our clients comfortable throughout the legal process. That is why we provide a casual atmosphere within our office and make certain that we treat every client as a person, not as a case number.

We personalize each solution to your individual situation and lift the burden of dealing with the IRS off your shoulders.

Tax Relief For Businesses

The IRS can be especially hard on small businesses. Many of our business clients worked hard building their business for years, helping to enhance their local communities, only to have the IRS threaten to take it all away.

The IRS will not think twice to seize a businesses p-center-largeassets, auction off everything and in some cases hold members of the business personally accountable for tax liabilities

Our firm has been helping business owners resolve their IRS tax problems including the payroll trust fund penalty.

Our Simple Process

 Consultation & Research

Our attorneys will personally speak with you and carefully review the details of your situation.

 Create Your Personal Plan

An attorney will craft a plan using the most effective tax resolution programs available.

 Resolve Your Tax Problems

Our firm will work with you to fully implement the plan, stop the IRS harassment and resolve your Tax debt problems.

We Are A Fully Accredited Law Firm