At Pearson Butler we understand what it is like to have the IRS coming after you with letters, phone calls and other intimidating ways. We also understand that life can have some difficult surprises that lead to substantial tax debts. Our law firm aims not only to resolve your tax problems but to provide peace of mind and lift the terrible burden of IRS problems from your shoulders.

As such our process has been designed to effectively resolve your specific tax issues, remove the stress of the settlement negotiations from you, and provide education and guidance on how to keep the IRS problem resolved into the future.

1. Consultation & Research

Jim Gilland will consult with you to determine the extent of your IRS problems. With many years of successfully representing both individuals and businesses Jim Gilland will know what information is crucial to your particular case.

Our law firm will help gather and organize the financial records and any other documentation needed to bring your case to a successful resolution.

Additionally we will inform you of what NOT to do when the IRS is attempting to contact you or collect the debt. This knowledge will help protect your interests and benefit your cases.

2. Create Your Personalized Strategy

After consultation is completed and we have the information needed to move forward, our attorneys will develop a strategy that will work best for your specific situation. For some cases the strategy will be straight forward, others however may involve multiple steps to bring about a solution all parties can agree to. The strategy will be based on all of the factors involved in your unique situation, such as, the amount of debt, whether it is business related or a personal financial issue, the amount of time your debt has been outstanding, what actions the IRS has already taken, and so on.

3. Resolve Your Tax Problems

Once we have developed your strategy and explained all of the available options to you we will get to work and put your plan into action. In many cases the phone calls and harassment by the IRS will stop very quickly one we begin to move. The negotiation process can be lengthy and at times difficult, however our law firm will take this burden from your shoulders. During this process we will be in frequent contact and working with you to make sure should the need for any changes or new developments arise we are all informed and able to respond effective you bring your case to a positive outcome. Once we have arrived at an agreement that will be agreeable to all parties and resolve your IRS problem we will thoroughly explain the resolution, how it will affect your situation and what is to be expected moving forward after your agreement is in place.

After your agreement has been successfully accepted by the IRS we will be sure you have been educated on the best path forward and understand how to keep the IRS from becoming a problem again in the future.