Trust Fund Tax Penalty Places Your Business In Great Jeopardy. Our Law Firm Can Help.
If you find yourself the target of the trust fund recovery penalty it is essential that you understand how the IRS views such situations:

They would rather shut your business down than work with you to get the tax money back.

Well repeat that, the IRS collections agents find it easier to shutter your business, sell your assets at auction and purse every available means to get money as fast as possible than collect the full amount over time.

The reason? They would rather shut down your business rather than risk not receiving your employees tax withholdings.

So how can your law firm save my business?

Attorney Jim Gilland has years of experience and success in stepping in and saving businesses in payroll tax trouble. Attorney Jim Gilland will contact the IRS and intervene, on your behalf to

convince the IRS it is in the governments interest to work with you; that they will get more money over the long run by setting up a payment settlement arrangement while keeping your business going.

Simply put, without the intervention of an experience attorney, it is very likely the IRS will choose to shut down your business rather than risk not receiving your employees tax withholdings.

Attorney Jim Gilland will step in and work to defend your business from being closed by the IRS.

Payroll tax cases are among the most serious tax debt cases and every case is unique. Pearson Butler will act fast to negotiate a settlement that will put your business on the path to recovering from trust fund penalty collections.

What If I Let My Business Go And Do Not Pay The IRS?

If you feel there is nothing to be done to help your situation and resolve yourself to the allow IRS seize and liquidate your assets you must know if the proceeds are not enough to cover the unpayed tax debt they will continue to pursue you and anyone within your organization that is found to have participated in using payroll trust funds for other uses. This almost always includes the business owner but can also include officers within the company, and anyone who is a signer on the corporate bank accounts.

Other than paying the amount in full immediately the only recommended course of action to save your business and resolve payroll trust fund problems is to hire an experienced law firm who understands how to bring such cases to a successful settlement.

In addition to being an attorney, Jim Gilland is also a long-time business owner who personally understands the demands and difficult situations that many businesses must deal with. Our law firm will fight for your interested and negotiate with the IRS to put this difficult problem behind you.

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