Removing Tax Liens

Pearson Butler has helped hundreds hardworking taxpayers resolve their IRS problems an remove all IRS liens from their property.

Attorney Jim Gilland and all the members of our law firm have decades of experience helping individuals and businesses resolve their tax debt issues.

After a meeting to determine the details of your situation we will craft a strategy using the many tax debt settlement programs available to arrive at a solution you can afford that the IRS will agree to.

Once negotiations are formally begun the IRS will also postpone collections until the agreement is hammered out.

Settlement Programs

Many options are available to bring your tax burden to a manageable size. These programs were created by the federal government not as a way of being “nice” but as a way for the IRS to recover tax money from those who have difficulty in paying. Regardless of the reason for the programs our law firm has been using them to great effect for many years to stop the IRS including removing tax liens. These programs include, entering into an installment agreement, the offer in compromise, penalty abatement, innocent spouse relief and more.

IRS tax liens will put a real damper on your ability to maintain ownership of your property and financial assets.

While not as devastating as a bank levy or wage garnishment if you have had a lien placed on any of your assets you must realize it is a significant shot across the bow and more aggressive collection efforts will be coming up soon, should the debt remain unsettled.

A lien placed on your property will prevent you from being able to sell it as any title company whether it be for real estate or vehicle, will require a clean title before a sale. As such the IRS knows if they place a lien on your assets you will be forced to deal with the situation sooner or later or you place your property at risk.

To be clear the IRS does not usually place liens willy-nilly but uses them to collect outstanding tax debt when the taxpayer has not responded sufficiently to previous collections efforts.

For the IRS to obtain a lien of your property the following conditions must apply:

- A valid tax assessment must be made by the IRS
- The taxpayer must be given notice and demand for payment within 60 days of the assessment
- The taxpayer must fail to pay the amount assessed

Obviously if you are in this situation you understand a little about the situation already and may feel that the amount of money you owe is too much to pay and there is nothing you can to fix things. The IRS Law Pros at Pearson Butler can help.

Get Help For Removing Tax Liens

While there are many programs available that can be used to fix tax debt problems, it takes an expereinced and dedicated attorney to get the best results and put the IRS behind you.

Pearson Butler has been resolving even the most difficult tax problems for individuals and businesses alike. Put our experience to work for your call the IRS law Pros today.