Stop IRS Levies

If your situation has progressed to the point where you have receive notice of intent to levy or suspect that you may receive such a notice you must act quickly.

Our law firm understands the urgency needed in levy situations and will act fast to stop the IRS from levying your bank account.

Even if your bank account has already been levied the bank actually holds the funds for 20 days – during that time Pearson Butler can move quickly to stop the levy from completing by stepping in and starting the settlement process.

However if it is already too late and the IRS has already raided your account it will just as important to retain our services. In many cases the first bank levy may not pay the full amount of taxes owed which means your account may very well be levied again. The IRS will not stop until the full amount has been paid.

Additionally the IRS will continue with collection efforts across many other avenues to recover back taxes so retaining an experienced attorney to stop further IRS levies and other collections is essential. In additon to taking money in your bank account the IRS sieze your property, and can levy many other sources including many you may not realize such as commsission, wages, and in the cases of businesses, the IRS can even place a levy on your credit card processor take the money before it ever reaches your account!

How Can An Attorney Stop An IRS Levy?

Whether the IRS is planning on placing a levy on your bank account or wages or both, the same solutions will apply. There are several programs available for tax payers to bring very large tax debts down to a manageable size.

Depending on your unique circumstances you may qualify for one or more debt settlement programs to pay the debt in monthly payments, or in some cases even reduce the amount you owe to a significantly smaller amount.

Additionally once you have begun to formally negotiate a settlement on your tax debt the IRS will cease collections efforts until an agreement is reached.

Our law firm will review the specifics of your case, craft a plan of action and move immediately to stop further bank levies.

Act Fast But Don't Go It Alone

IRS Levies are among the worst things for anyone to have to face. The while the IRS has several programs to help struggling tax payers bring the debt to a manageable levels do not attempt to negotiate on your own. Collections agents will only be out to get as much money from you as fast as they can, often leading you astray. Only an attorney who represents YOUR interests should be trusted. Tax law can be complicated with many different factors determining how much you will be on the hook for monthly after you have entered an agreement. The IRS will want this amount as large as possible and cares nothing of your bills or well-being.

Attorney Jim Gilland has been dealing with the IRS for years and understands both the limits of the law and the tactics used to collect money from taxpayers. Additionally only an attorney can provide the legal privacy known as the attorney-client privilege, an accountant or other tax professional could be forced to divulge information that is harmful for your interests.

Contact Pearson Butler today and take the first steps to stopping the IRS.