Tax Resolution Attorney Jim Gilland Comments On The Recent Irs Scandals

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Pearson Butler is a specialist in resolving IRS tax debt and collections issues for individuals and businesses. Authorized to represent clients in United States Tax Court Attorney Gilland is uniquely qualified to understand the impact the IRS scandals will have.

“Over the years in representing many, many clients against the IRS I have always been struck by the lack of empathy or even the admission that some times people make mistakes when it comes to their tax returns. IRS agents are always trying to go for the throat, even when the matter may have been a form was filled out incorrectly or funds were mistakenly left out of a statement. Now that the shoe is on the other foot and it’s clear that the Internal revenue service has been making egregious errors of both grossly irresponsible spending of millions in tax payers money on lavish conventions, and out-right breaking the law in an unprecedented way by targeting conservative groups. It is more disturbing and outrageous than ever.”

Attorney Gilland continued,”An agency with the power to affect literally every single United States citizen must adhere to the strongest standards of impartiality and fiscal responsibility. The double standard demonstrated by the leadership of the Internal Revenue Service is appalling. One would expect to see political groups targeted by government officials in Russia or China but certainly never in the united states. Given the new reality of the troubling actions taken by the IRS, it has become crystal clear that, now more than ever, you need a skilled attorney on your side when facing IRS collections.”

About Attorney Jim Gilland

Jim Gilland is an experienced attorney who defends citizens against from the IRS and fosters successful outcomes for between the IRS collections agents and taxpayers with back tax debts. Located in Layton Utah and with offices through out the state including Saint George, Provo, Salt Lake City, Jim Gilland is authorized to represent clients in United States Tax Court, United States Court Of Appeals For The 10th Circuit and US District Court District of Utah. A member of America’s Premier Experts and co-author of “Protect and Defend” a 4-time Amazon Best Sellers List book.

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